Wed Sep 27 13:45:00 EDT 2017

35th Brazil-U.S. Business Council Annual Plenary Meeting

The Brazil-U.S. Business Council has defined a roadmap for the Brazil-U.S. relationship. The business community plays a pivotal role in assisting both governments set a positive agenda and pursue a productive dialogue. After years of political turmoil and economic malaise, Brazil shows solid signs of recovery, with inflation tamed, interest rates in decline, structural reforms underway and an economy poised for sustainable growth. Still, much needs to be done to assure a stable and rewarding landscape for investors on both sides.

The Plenary, when the U.S. Chamber and CNI come together, serves as the Council’s premier event, and brings together top executives from Fortune 500 companies, authorities from both governments, and stakeholders to address these fundamental issues. Executives will discuss strategic priorities for bilateral, as well as hemispheric, trade and investment with top decision-makers from Brasilia and Washington. The Plenary identifies opportunities and initiatives to strengthen bilateral relations between our two nations.

1615 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20062 United States