Brazil Industries Coalition is an independent non-profit organization which represents the Brazilian private sector in the United States. Our goal is to promote US-Brazil economic relations by engaging the Brazilian private sector in discussions with the US government, think tanks and trade associations. Located in Washington D.C., BIC is uniquely positioned to represent the interests of Brazilian businesses in the US, offering a support structure that creates cooperative networks and strong partnerships between private and public sector interests of the respective countries.


Brazil Industries Coalition Inc. was founded in 2000 through a collaboration of Brazilian trade associations, companies as well as the Embassy of Brazil in Washington D.C.. Originally named Brazil Information Center, BIC changed its identity to Brazil Industries Coalition in 2007, which consolidated the Brazilian private sector’s leadership within the organization. BIC functions as a member-driven organization. For over 15 years, BIC has established itself as the only multisectoral entity representing the interests of Brazilian businesses in the United States. Through its cooperation with a diverse network of trade organizations and corporations, BIC has enhanced its research and public affair strategies. A new program was established in 2015, refining BIC’s activities to focus on: the promotion of Brazil-U.S. trade relations, private sector support for ongoing bilateral dialogues, advocating for Brazilian Investments (FDIs), cooperation initiatives to encourage an environmentally sustainable economy as well as initiating creative partnerships with innovative mindsets. 

Our Mission


Our mission is to strengthen the economic partnership between Brazil and the United States by engaging the Brazilian private sector in bilateral trade and investment dialogues.